Braxton WHO?!?!

Yesterday I MIGHT have experienced my first Braxton Hicks contraction (but how would I know, I’ve never felt one before). My stomach felt tight (tighter than normal. Things are really starting to stretch) for about 15 seconds, and then it relaxed. It didn’t hurt. It was WEIRD. It was ALARMING. But most pregnancy-related things that I had yet to experience were weird and alarming the first time. However, the tightness could also have been related to gas. Because let’s be real here – pregnancy gas can easily persist for 15+ seconds (and no, the expulsion of the gas (how very PC of me) does not last 15+ seconds. Oh, to be so lucky. Half of the time it’s all the tightness without the payoff).

Liam’s movements have gotten to the strength of being occasionally uncomfortable. They don’t necessarily hurt, but they’re rather forceful. It’s like he’s saying, “HEY, MOM! You haven’t thought about me in .25 seconds, so here’s a little reminder that I’M STILL IN HERE!” I write about this now, because he’s sending me reminders right now. Lately his movements are less like kicks, twitches, and punches, and more like he’s rolling-around trying to get comfortable. Sometimes I’ll felt a distinct pressure, and I find myself pressing against what I picture to be Liam’s butt or head. Usually he readjusts after I gently push-back at him. The pressure doesn’t hurt, it’s just weird. And like I said before, anything weird eventually transitions into alarming. At
25 weeks, he’s (based on averages) 1.5 pounds and 13.6 inches long. I should probably get used to the pressure and growing discomfort, as space is going to get more and more limited. Bring it on, little man!

We’re going furniture shopping with my mom tonight, and we are beyond excited. The nursery is painted, and the closet is starting to fill-up with baby stuff, but it still hasn’t hit me that a BABY will one day live in that room. I think furniture will really drive the point home. Plus, my initial reaction to the fully dried nursery was that the color was too bright. I’m hoping the presence of dark furniture and things hanging on the walls will soften the color; although, the color matches the green in his bedding perfectly. Personally, I think it really boils down to this: I’m color-phobic when it comes to paint. Most of the downstairs is a shade of brown or tan with furniture and pictures/paintings adding color. Our bedroom is a deep, soothing shade of green. The guest bathroom is khaki with the color being added through the shower curtain. The office will be a slate/deep brownish/suede color. And then there’s the nursery. HELLO GREEN. It freaks me out. He isn’t even here yet, and Liam is already rocking my world :)


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