I have a bone to pick with:

BABYS R US. For the most part, I LOVE you. We've spent a few weeks flirting, and we've even madeout a couple times on the couch. However, you've plucked one of my most prominent nerves. The organized, perfectionist nerve.

We started our registry (and by "we" I mean "I' started our registry and combed through every item on the Babys R Us website researching and reading reviews) a few weeks ago. I added a few different types of pacificers, as I figure Liam will decide what he likes best, and then we'll go and buy a million of those. I added these:

And being the obsessive mommy-to-be that I am, I returned to the registry the next day to continue to searching, researching, and adding. And this was on our registry:

My thought process went something like this: Wait, I KNOW I added the blue pacifiers. Right? I mean, I AM pregnant, and we all know there's an obsene amount of stupid floating around in my brain these days. Delete pink. Add blue. Return the next day.

Upon my return, what did I find? Pink pacifiers. FOILED! I deleted and added a few more times with the same result each time (picture me fuming at my work computer over my lunch break. Hey, this is a BIG deal, people). We did our registry in-store this past weekend. I saw the boy pacifiers, and thought HA! I'll get you this time! We added the blue pacifiers above AND clear pacifiers. I confidently returned to our registry the following day to make sure, KNOWING there would be blue pacificers. NO DICE. Pink pacifiers. And a Bitter Betsy.


Alex@LateEnough said...

HAHA!! Maybe your son will like pink :D

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh goodness. How weird. I seriously hate computer glitches that take up valuable time!

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