We went to my parents' house in Goochland to sort-through baby gear and clothes that my aunt and uncle so generously donated to their niece and nephew's future babies (they have twins, a boy and a girl. Perfect!). There was a TON of stuff.

We took a break from our sorting to consume some super yummy Maggianos, finished the sorting, and then trudged home with our bounty. We finished painting the nursery two weeks ago, and I was excited to get some baby stuff in there! Our upstairs is in disarray as we (and by WE I mean mostly my super sexy-while-he's-painting husband) finish painting the master, foyer, and office, so I took the opportunity (really I was just trying to preserve my sanity) keep the baby stuff very organized (for now, while I still can).

The baby swing plays music and lights-up. SO EXCITED. We kept the swing downstairs all day Friday and Saturday so the dogs could get adjusted. Fiona, of course, went right-up to it and sniffed. Henrik, being the champ that he is, leaned-in and sniffed bravely. Turning the swing on, however, was a different story. Fiona was generally uninterested, and Henrik maintained a five-foot perimeter around the swing.

Josh is finishing the second coat on the master bedroom as we speak.

And Henrik is enjoying his new toys. This is the second chick we've gotten him. He LOVES appendages, so we figured the frog with giant arms and legs around be a big hit. Mission accomplished.

And now I'm going to stop posting udpated and pictures so I can clean, bake, and prep for a relaxing Memorial Day with some friends.


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