It's Liam's furniture, and I helped!!

Well, I didn't help that much. Josh's mom came over to help lift and heave the boxes upstairs. She also hung-around long enough to help make our little man's bed. So cool. Here are some pictures that I snapped while everyone else as doing all the hard work (I WAS awfully encouraging, so I like to think that I did my part).

The furniture was packaged amazingly well - unfortunately, this meant they were also amazingly heavy.
The babies and I "encouraging."
All boxed-up and no where to go.
Josh said, "Fiona, I appreciate you trying to help, but you're making this VERY difficult."
Most handsome husband EVER.  He put the glider and ottoman together first and then MADE me sit.  I'm a lucky lady.
The babies LOVE their Coco!

Here is the finished product.  Right now there's only furniture in the room.  While the furniture is BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE his bedding, the room looks a little sad right now.  It's screaming for pictures and DIY projects.  We have some pretty awesome ideas that have us wanting to work-on everything RIGHT NOW.  I'll update as we begin and complete some of the planned projects.

And just for fun, here's a picture of the babies saying, "Whatcha doing, Moooom?".  Henrik was surprisingly brave with the HUGE boxes and new additions to the room.  Fiona, as usual, just bounced happily from person to person as we moved in and out of the room. 


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