What's orange, 10 fl oz, and has 50 grams of sugar?

This little gem: 

At my last appointment (four weeks ago), my doctor told me about the glucose tolerance test that I would undergo the following appointment.  And because I'm a "responsible patient" (Um, do what?), he sent the sugar cocktail home with me with specific instructions.  If you eat breakfast, eat a VERY light breakfast.  My blood will be drawn an hour after drinking, so time consumption accordingly. No food or drink after drinking (which was REALLY hard.  Do you know how thirsty pregnancy makes you?!?!).  It must be consumed in five minutes.  He said, "Drink it as fast as possible, it gets a little rough towards the end."  AWESOME. 

The drink is moderately carbonated, so my plan was to drink it with a straw.

Side Note: Have you ever realized how easy it is to drink something through a straw?  A straw is perfect for making sure you get enough water during pregnancy.  A straw is not good, however, when you're at Chile's and you order a pink lemonade with free refills.  Hello calorie overload and frequent bathroom trips (well, more frequent that normal... which would be every five minutes, instead of every ten).  This is my pregnancy best friend, we go everywhere together:

We got the venti size, which is 20 fluid ounces.  The powers that be recommend that you drink 48 to 64 ounces of water a day, and this bad boy makes 80 ounces easily achievable.  We loved the first one so much that we quickly snagged another.  A third is being contemplated just in case the others break down.

Anywhobe, the straw made it so much easier.  I drank it in two minutes, and while it was bad, it wasn't THAT bad.  I told the nurse and Doc this morning, "Tell EVERYONE to drink it with a straw!!"  My blood was drawn and Doc did a quick Ultrasound (did I mention that Doc is the BEST?).  I had questions this time. He laughed gently when I pulled-out my list (Uh, pregnancy brain.  If it's not connected to me or written down, then it's gone and forgotten).  All looks well.  We're on the books for an appointment in three weeks where he'll do an "official" ultrasound.  This one will be in 3D, and since my little man is boasting some fat now he won't look like a skeleton.  Woot! 

After this appointment, we go to bi-weekly appointments.  WHAT?! You know what that means?  I'm in my third trimester.  The THIRD, as in the LAST.  Um, DO WHAAAT?!?!


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