I don't want to grow-up.

I understand that I’m technically already a grown-up, with the marriage, the bills, the job, the house, and the baby on-the-way. But being grown-ups doesn’t mean that we have to GROW-UP, right?

Will there come a day when farting and “that’s what she said” jokes are no longer funny to us? Or when the underwear game (not THAT kind of underwear game. It’s a game I made up that Josh LOVES. I chase him around the house after a shower and deny him the chance to put-on his underwear) ceases to entertain? Or when I stop trying to make Mr. H (this is my new name for Josh – it’s all the rage on the blogs. See, I’m learning!) laugh, just because I LOVE his laugh smile?

Just thinking about it makes me sad. I don’t want to wake-up one morning and realize that there’s no child left in either of us. I cherish our inside jokes and made-up language(s). I love our semi-inappropriate nicknames (like “sugar butt” and “poopy”) and lying in bed giggling about nothing in particular. Maybe we’ll have to play the modified underwear game, and we’ll still giggle at farts – we’ll just have to explain that there’s a time and a place. It can be done, right?

I am reassured when I remind myself that these little things that we treasure are so much a part of “us” that they’ll never end. I want to laugh and joke and play until we’re 80 years-old. And in a more tangible future scope, I want to laugh and joke and play, just the three of us. Laughter adds so much to a home, that I don’t think a household can survive without it.

I’m thinking that if we hold-tight to who we are and what we love (even if it’s farting on each other), then we’ll be just fine. Just because we’ve suddenly realized that we’re grown-ups (of course, we didn’t suddenly become grown-ups. That’s a gradual transition. It just seems like you wake-up one morning and realize, “When did THAT happen?”), doesn’t mean we have to label ourselves as grown-up.

Thankfully, there are grown-ups in our lives that give me faith that our inner-children can survive.  Grown-ups that laugh together with their kids on a daily basis.  And we're not talking giggles - we're talking full-on belly laughter.  I want that.  And I think we just might be able to keep that.


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