Stroller and Car Seat Dilemma

Deciding on a stroller and car seat was the hardest baby gear decision we’ve made thus far.

Being the over-planner that I am, I’ve researched and read. I’ve asked around, trolled forums, and read review after review (I’ve found that the consumer reviews are hard to rely on, as some people will complain about ANYTHING). I’ve read every pro and con available online (I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to not have the internet for this, shudder). We want something safe, reliable, and durable. And because I’m a girl, I want something that actually looks good. I realize that “good” is totally relative. Josh and I think our brown walls look good, but you may think they’re boring. So if you think our stroller is ugly, SHUSH.

First dilemma: Brand choice. We decided on Graco. They’re safe AND pretty, SCORE.

Second dilemma: Full-size or the snap-n-go. We decided on full-size. I don’t want to be limited to just using the infant seat. Plus, I get all giddy and excited when I think about pushing-around a legitimate (read: you can’t miss this bad boy) stroller. It just screams, ‘I’M A MOM.” We may come to regret this decision later-on, but we shall see.

Third dilemma: Finding a Graco full-size stroller and matching infant car seat that we actually like. Enter our first trip to Babies R Us (did you know that and will both send you to the correct website? Which is a good thing because I’m the idiot that’s been typing “babys” for months). There is a myriad of strollers and car seats on the website, but the in-store options were disappointing. As much as I wanted to touch, push, and collapse our future stroller, I wasn’t going to settle for something UGLY (I’m a GIRL. I tried, really tried, to get around this fact but it just kept coming back). So we looked at the Graco strollers, assessed what we liked and didn’t like, and then we set-off to internet land to pick our favorite. We decided on these:

Okay, so that was decided. Now, what about a jogging stroller? I added one to our registry, but do I REALLY need one? Let’s be honest here: How many times am I actually going to use it? First, I’d have to drive somewhere to use it. The sidewalk starts about a half mile away from our house, and you need to run on a very busy street to get there. And running through our neighborhood makes me feel like a hamster running on a wheel. Second, I’ll likely want running to be my time away from baby (no offense, Unborn Baby! I know you’re going to be awesome, but I also know you’ll cry, poop, and want my boob, A LOT). Third, pushing a running stroller sounds like hard work. What about good running form? And I’m not sure I can focus on that many things at once. So I’m removing the jogger from our registry.

Another stroller thought crept into my head today: What about a light-weight stroller? I blame it all on OmgMom because she put the thought in my head with this post.

When L Bean is bigger and stronger (read: he’s capable of holding his own head up), the infant seat won’t be necessary all the time. And there will be situations (like Short Pump Mall or traveling by plane) when navigating a full-size stroller will be a suicide mission (let’s be frank, folks – any trip to SPM is a suicide mission these days). I love the Chicco Liteway stroller OmgMom chose. And how cute is her daughter sitting in it with her ankles crossed?!? Triple SWOON.

So I guess the question is: Do we really need a second stroller (whether it’s a jogger or a light-weight) or am I just going stroller happy? The answer: I haven’t the foggiest.

UPDATE: I wrote this blog yesterday with the intention of posting today so you guys wouldn’t be thinking, “Holy geez, Betsy! One long blog a day is PLENTY.” Well, now I’ve had a night to sit and think (UH OH). I’m re-thinking the color scheme of the full-size stroller (read: I’m totally chickening-out of registering for something THAT colorful). Have I ever mentioned that I’m color-phobic? My wardrobe is full of solid, non-threatening colors. Half of our house is a shade of brown. Our cars are brown and white. And I just realized that even our DOGS are brown and white(ish). However, as I write this, my resolution is solidifying. I’m leaving the blue/green stroller. I AM LEAVING IT. I just can’t promise that I won’t continue to obsess over it.


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