How much is too much? It's NEVER enough!

I come to you this evening with a simple question: Is it possible that knowing less is more? My Type A personality is laughing hysterically at you if you said yes. I must know EVERYTHING! As part of my quest to over-prepare, I read this and this (I like OmgMom better, but her website isn't set-up for direct links to posts. You should hope over there sometime! She's REALLY honest, which I totally appreciate). After reading, I shared with a few work friends. I believe the responses went like this: "Omg, I'm never having children!" and "Omg, that's so gross!" MY BAD work friends. In addition to those two lovely posts, I read both of their (FOUR PART) birth stories. One was a natural water birth and one was an induced epidural (if you read OmgMom's story, then you'll totally know what this means: I'm already brainstorming awesome names for my doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologist). Thankfully, I'm less freaked-out and more thankful for the sneak peaks deep in the depths of nasty. I learned from these posts the things that no one ever tells you! The "What to Expect Books" don't mention it. And most of the women in our lives who have experienced theses nasties don't talk about. I'm not even sure I'd be given the whole truth if I asked (probably for fear of scaring me). If it's likely that I'll need to purchase a box-o-Depends along with the diapers, I want to know! P.s. I love the pictures OmgMom provides of the pads and water bottle. I laughed out-loud.

On a lighter note, I finally spent my $150 gift card (plus some) to the mall! I've officially out-grown all of my pre-pregnancy clothes; and since my closet wasn't materializing any new clothes on its own (despite morning after morning of standing there, staring, and pleading), the trip was past-due. Mt first shopping trip for maternity clothes was with my mom. We went to Hip in the Round first. There was a T-SHIRT there that said, "Due in September." It was $48. We looked at each other and ran for the door. We landed at Mothergood Maternity, where the v-neck stretch t-shirts (my bestest friend in the world) are $9.99. YES PLEASE. It's like the Target of maternity stores.

One another light note, WE ORDERED FURNITURE (thanks, Mom and Mike)!!!!! We got the tall dresser, short dresser (which will also be the changing table), and classic crib. We should get a call from Babys R Us some time this week for pick-up (I'd like to give a shout-out to Hope, the COOLEST person at Babys R Us). We also got a glider. I have a feeling we're going to log many, many hours in that chair. I can't wait to put clothes in the drawers, hang pictures, and MAKE HIS BED. Seriously can't wait to organize. I know it won't stay that way, but at least it'll start-out that way. Since we're getting-through all of our nesting tasks way ahead of baby, I often wonder: What will be left to nest when I hit the nesting phase? I can only vacuum the house but so many times.


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