100 Things About Me

1. I love sleeping and being in bed almost more than my husband.
2. I run but I don't consider myself a runner. Maybe one day.
3. I fill idle time with idle tasks, like doing laundry and picking-up dogs toys.
4. I have big brown eyes that I've learned to love.
5. I've also learned to love being tall (marrying someone tall has certainly helped!).
6. For most of my teens years I swore that I would NEVER be an accountant (both my mom and stepdad are CPAs). Well, just look at me now!
7. I can't go to sleep if the house is in disarray. I have to pick-up/organize first.
8. Everything has it's place. I recently realized that "place" doesn't mean the same thing to me and my husband, and that's okay.
9. Some of my favorite memories with my husband are from the weekend days that we didn't get out of bed, didn't shower, and didn't brush our teeth.  We just watched TV or movies ALL DAY LONG.  We did, however, get out of bed to order pizza and let the dogs outside.
10. I love to cook.
11. We rarely grocery shop without a list. And that list is organized by aisle. You laugh now, but when we're leaving in 30 minutes and you're still there AND you forgot things, you won't be laughing anymore.
12. I have a terrible memory, so I use lists.
13. I was terrified that we would have trouble getting pregnant. God laughed at me and then showed me what's what.
14. I have an older brother, a younger half-sister, and a younger half-brother.
15. My dad and stepmom live in Michigan, and everyday I wish they were closer.
16. I'm a natural introvert, although my friends would probably argue otherwise.
17. I didn't have real girlfriends until my 20s. Now that we've having a baby, I'm afraid that I'll have to start all over again.
18. I don't do girl talk or long phone conversations well.
19. Each morning we watch Sports Center, and I LOVE it.
20. My favorite weekend activity is going to Starbucks and playing Scrabble with my husband.
21. I am hyper-competitive.
22. My husband doesn't drink, and it's one of my favorite things about him.
23. Before I got pregnant, I swore that I could never be a stay-at-home-mom. Now, I think it would be amazing.
24. I've gone through some tough things, but I would go through them all again if it led me back to where I am today.
25. I prefer the familiar.
26. I am a true creature of habit.
27. I'll use any excuse to make a spreadsheet in Excel.
28. I've always hated confrontation, but I'm learning that it is sometimes necessary. I'm hope that becoming a mom brings-out a stronger side in me.
29. I hate to move. Our next house will need to be the one we raise our kids in.
30. I wish we had the guts to pick-up and move to Colorado or Arizona for a few years.
31. The only jewelry I wear is a watch and my wedding rings. For special occasions I may throw-on some earrings.
32. I love v-neck stretch cotton t-shirts and baggy, well-worn jeans.
33. I tend to wear sandals long past the weather-appropriate time period.
34. I really hate crowds. Not because they scare me, because more often than not people are rude and inconsiderate.
35. I am more impatient than patient. It's something I'm working on.
36. I don't tickle my husband because I like to torture him. I tickle him because I LOVE this laugh when he's being tickled. It makes my heart swell Grinch-style.
37. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of the food.
38. My first pregnancy has been surprisingly effortless (as of 29 weeks).
39. The pain and recovery of labor doesn't scare me. It's the unknown factors (like when, how, how long, what kind, etc.) that scare me.
40. I pee a lot (even before pregnancy).
41. I love to vacuum, but I hate vacuuming the stairs.
42. I don't enjoy the act of cleaning, but I love the outcome.
43. I hate being hot (which means it's going to be a LONG summer).
44. We're morning people (my mom probably laughed out loud at this because I haven't always been a morning person).
45. My favorite color (right now) is green. And even though it's really girly, pink is pretty awesome too.
46. I lost 10 pounds my first semester of college.
47. I ran my first half marathon in September 2009. It was awful. My second one will be better.
48. In high school, I: played soccer, ran track, played tennis, and played basketball. I was good at: soccer and track. I was okay at: tennis. I SUCKED at: basketball.
49. I'm cool with farting.
50. Oblivious soccer moms driving tanks while talking on the phone = ANGRY BETSY
51. I will never understand why great people can't be moms while really awful people get pregnant everyday.
52. I can't get into shows like the Bachelor(ette), Lost, or Desperate Housewives. I prefer the Discovery channel, TLC, and Top Chef.
53. My husband is the reason I'm healthy (mind and body), and I'm not sure that he even knows it.
54. I don't get excited over my birthday, it's no big deal.
55. I got a 96% on my driving test in school. Everyone else in my class got a 70% or lower. Still one of my proudest moments.
56. There are things that I did as a kid that I STILL wish I could take back.
57. I don't keep-up with a lot of people from high school or college, because I'm not that person anymore (thank goodness!).
58. I got very nostalgic when the World Cup started this year (2010). Josh and I spend the first weeks of our relationship (still just friends at this point) watching endless hours of soccer during the 2006 World Cup. I can't believe that was 4 years ago.
59. I don't make New Years resolutions.
60. Lately I've been spending a lot of time daydreaming about how the holidays will be so different from now on.
61. I am not in the least bit worried that having a baby will hurt my relationship with my husband. I think it'll only make it better.
62. I fully believe-in therapy, and I hate the stigma that seems to be attached to it.
63. I could live off of: pizza, Asian food, and pasta.
64. I wish I had played soccer in college.
65. I haven't give-up hope that my husband will some day be my running buddy (he HATES to run).
66. I don't have much interest in yardwork and gardening. I'd rather clean the inside.
67. We currently own two sedans, but I'm think our next car will need to be a small SUV or a wagon.
68. We don't go see many movies in the theater. We can think of MUCH better ways to spend our time and money.
69. I can't wait for the weather to break in the fall, and we (all three of us + the dogs) can spend more time outside.
70. I can't wait to take Liam to his first soccer game; hopefully it'll be one of his daddy's.
71. If finances were taken-out of the equation, I would love three kids.
72. Josh has been the best husband to a pregnant wife. I don't know how I got so lucky to marry a man with such a big heart.
73. My favorite love song is Crazy Love by Van Morrison.
74. I CANNOT wait for Liam's first game (preferrably it's a soccer game!)
75. My one crazy dream is to open a small hole-in-the-wall coffee shop + bakery.

I got a phone call from my stepmom, Kerry, and my half-sister, Caroline (let's not kid ourselves - they are FULL family), and they had a very cool proposition for me. Since my 100 Things About Me was really only 75 things, they wanted to finish the list. Um, sign me up! As I read over the list, I laughed, cringed, and rolled me eyes (I triple <3 Black Friday shopping). I didn't edit anything, these are pure K & C (they may have also gathered insight from half-brother, Cameron, and my Dad). Enjoy.

76. Betsy received Jesus as her Lord and Savior on 7/21/02.
77. She weally doesn’t wike cawwots.
78. Betsy is naturally very beautiful and doesn’t know it!
79. Betsy is fiercely loyal (like her Dad).
80. She has been marching to her very own beat since she was a little girl.
81. Betsy was a sorority girl at James Madison University as well as the Panhellenic president and the boy’s swim team manager!!
82. When she was young, Betsy was an extrovert and managed very well in crowds of people she didn’t know……..now she prefers small intimate gatherings.
83. Betsy has been ready to be a mom since she was 11 years old.
84. Betsy made it to the State track meet as a freshman for high jump.
85. She loved horses as a little girl and took riding lessons.
86. Betsy began speaking Spanish in 2nd grade when she asked if we could tell what she was saying…..meh-he-co.
87. She loves to laugh and can be very silly.
88. She LOVES Black Friday shopping (sense the sarcasm…)
89. She loves the word “bounty”
90. She is a tireless worker. She will get a job done well and completely.
91. She got her belly button pierced in high school.
92. She preferred playing soccer with boys.
93. She was a vegetarian for a while, but gave it up for a turkey sandwich.
94. When she’s hungry, she must eat! (Just like her Dad!)
95. She once began a sentence with, “you know sometimes when you’re on the toilet and it makes your eyes water…..”
96. Betsy’s husband, Josh, once stayed overnight in a Walmart with her dad and brother.
97. Betsy scratches her ear like a dog!
98. She also picks at the split ends on her hair.
99. Betsy loves board games, (she even had a brief Scrabble addiction) and video games, especially Call of Duty.
100. Betsy had a brief stint as a blonde……but did she have more fun? I don’t think so.