I feel like I ran six miles yesterday.

I woke-up this morning to a familiar feeling.  Sore feet and restless legs.  I've woken-up to this feeling many times on a Sunday morning... just for different reasons (like RUNNING - oh how I miss thee).  What did I do yesterday that caused all this soreness?  I stood (a lot) in heels. 

Pitiful, I know.  But those heels here HIGH.  And hello, I haven't worn a pair since December.  When busy season starts-up, I retire my heels for comfy flats.  I run around the office much more and for much longer than normal during those three hellish months.  I learned quickly during my first busy season to retire the heels early (one of my bosses swears it's because I got married and comfortable.  He's definitely got the second part right, but I still deny the first).  I made it through all of the important stuff and then those shoes were OFF.  I'm excited for when I'm not carrying around all this extra weight because those shoes were fab.

We stayed-out past 10 pm last night, which quite a feat.  And let me say this:  I didn't crack first (brushes off shoulder)!  Although, I will say that I barely remember showering and getting in bed.  And I definitely don't remember laying in bed waiting to fall asleep (which is the BEST). And ever better:  We slept until 9:15 am (brushes off other shoulder).  The dogs woke-up at 6:15 and were let-out, and I thought for sure that we were up for good.  Sleep found us once again, and I woke-up to a clock that read 9:14.  Such a treat.  I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the line we grew-up and stopped sleeping our weekends away (yeah, yeah, I should get used to it.  I KNOW.  Thank you peanut gallery). 

On a final note, congratulations to Lincoln and Natalie Mitchell!  What a great day, what a great wedding, and what a great couple. 


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