Somebody had a BABY

I don't know if you heard, but that adorable little guy up there is mine, and he's out of my belly. 

His stats:

Birthday: September 14, 2010
Time of birth: 1:08 pm
Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz
Length: 21.25 inches

A few fun facts about Liam:

He coos constantly - in his sleep, when he's nursing, when he's snuggling.

At his two-week appointment he weighed 9 lbs 8 oz - he's going to be a big boy!

He has the best temperament - he only fuses when he's wet (he HATES sitting in a dirty diaper) or when he's so tired he can't put himself to sleep. 

He loves having his hands free when he's swaddled, and they always end up somewhere near his face.

He occupies every single inch of his mommy and daddy's hearts.

I will update the blog with his birth story and plenty of funny stories when I can sit comfortably without a pillow under my butt (details on this to come in L's birth story).  Until then, here are some pictures to hold you over and make you swoon.


CarrieLou said...

Yay for blog update!!! Sooooo stinking cute! Can't wait to see that cute face and those long future-piano-playing fingers! XOXO

Natalie said...

Oh I love your blog. My heart is melting. Can't wait to hold Liam tomorrow.

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