I'm a Believer!

A friend was nice enough to alert me to a couple consignment sales happening in Richmond this week and next.  Since operation Never Pay Full Price For Baby Clothes is underway, I was SO excited for the sale tonight.  Josh and I attended the preview for new and expecting moms - the sale doesn't start for the general public until Friday.  Having never been to a consignment sale before, we have no idea what to expect.  OH MY GOODNESS.  There was a line of 50+ people when we got there at 6:00 pm.  By the time we parked the line was moving, and we were inside in no time.  We were immediately overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF.  Books, toys, shoes, backpacks, and the CLOTHES.  I can't even tell you how many clothes there were.

We were grossly unprepared for the experience.  We didn't have a bag.  We didn't bring enough money.  I didn't wear a tank top (it was 800 degrees in there).  I didn't bring my camera.  And I didn't bring my phone.  The phone part was especially stupid considering I was planning to catch-up with a couple girlfriends.  By the time we were ready to leave, it was PACKED.  We walked through the crowds and didn't see any familiar faces, so we booked it out of there.  Did I mention it was 800 degrees inside?  Sweat was rolling down the side of my face and down, er, other places.  And I had to pee like WHOA. 

We spent $65.  We got four books and two wooden puzzle games.  We also got a slew of clothing.  Five button-up shirts.  Two pairs of corduroys. Two pairs of jeans.  One pair of khakis. One long-sleeved onsie and matching overalls. Two sweater vests.  Two sweaters.  And one hooded fleece.  We have a ton of 0 to 6 months clothes, so we concentrated on getting 6 to 12 months clothes.  And we wanted to snag the types of clothes that we wouldn't normally buy ourselves (read: expensive and nice).  

In the pile is a pair of Calvin Klein jeans.  A Gymboree button-up that still had the tags on it.  Baby Gap items.  Children's Place, Oshkosh B'Gosh, and IZOD are also represented.   All of the for $52. 

Um, SWOON!  The sweater vest is actually red - the light makes it look orange (it's nighttime and I was using artificial light and no flash - it happens). 

We're already talking about next year's sale.  I'll still be considered a "new mom" so I'll be able to partake in the preview sale.  Next year, however, we will go prepared.  We'll take much more money.  We'll take bags (we have Ikea bags that would be PERFECT).  And we'll leave L Bean with Grammy.  Divide and conquer is our game plan.  We're pumped.  A google reminder has been set-up.  Oh yes, we're THAT excited.

Husband's allergies are flaring-up, so we stopped-by Rite-Aid on the way home to pick-up some medicine.  While we were there, we also grabbed some diapers (we try to grab a pack of diapers whenever we're at a store that sells them in a effort to spread-out the expense.  And don't worry, we're not buying newborn diapers).  We also grabbed some snacks for Husband's hospital bag. 

When we got home, Husband installed our car seats bases.  It was easy peasy.  Both of our cars have a strap specifically designed for a car seat, which is nice.  Husband has informed me that it's called a "latch strap."  Whatever the name, it made the task easier than we taught it would be. 

Since it's important, he read the directions. 

The babies watched-on wondering why they couldn't get in the car to go "bye-bye."   The pictures aren't the clearest of the bunch that I took, but they're my favorites for some reason.


Jen said...

Don't miss the Christ Church sale, it is usually AWESOME. I believe it's the weekend of the 18th. The weekend after (25th) is the WEAG sale, and it's good too :)

Caroline, your one and only sister said...

Ummm I know someone who will be getting you BabyGap items for every holiday!! Girl's got the hookups!!

And next year you need to enlist my mother for this sale...it's like black friday...she was born for stuff like that. lol

Love you!!

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