Um, Hi. BUY ME!

As mentioned before, I'm on the prowl for cute Christmas pjs and a Christmas sweater.  Um, how am I supposed to say no to either of these?  RIDDLE ME THAT!

Santa's Little Helper

Monkey Footies

I could spend hours, HOURS, on the Carter's website.  It's a sickness, I'm telling you.

I will say this about all of the clothes we have for L Bean: I don't think we have enough pajamas or sleep and plays.  I've been cautious about buying footies. My worry is that he'll out-grow the length faster since his little feet have to be contained (we have no idea how tall this kid will be - the potential for TALL is there.  Mom is 5'9" and dad is 6'4").  What do babies sleep in, besides footies?  A onesie?  In the winter?  Omw (oh my word), I have so much to learn. 

I recently emailed a friend inquiring about jackets for babies in the winter (her daughter was born in October of last year).  I just couldn't picture a two or three month-old bulked-up in a jacket.  She layered a long-sleeved onsie under EVERYTHING and put her daughter in a thick sweater most of the time.  Think about it - you're not going to have your three month old just chilling outside in the cold.  SO MUCH TO LEARN. 

I also took a page from Friend Maggie's book and hung L Bean's clothes.  Previously, everything was folded neatly in drawers.   At first, I just hung his onesies and shirts.  It's so much easier to get a look at ALL of his clothes, and I feel like it'll help make sure he wears everything (not just the 10 things that get washed and put back on top of the piles).  This past weekend I noticed an extra little hook thingy (yes, that's the technical term) on the baby hangers - a place for pants!  We all know that I love being organized, so this helps keep matching outfits together.  I spent some time organizing his pants into closet too.  I only hung the pants that match a onesie or shirt (example: adorableness).  Don't worry, those drawers aren't going to waste.  There are plenty footies, socks, blankets, jeans (from consignment sale), khakis (consignment), corduroys, etc. nestled neatly in them.  Plus, I feel like the longer you've had the kid the more crap you accumulate.  Now the crap has more places to hide! 

I found these on the Old Navy website this weekend, just begging to be purchased:

But I resisted.  First, they aren't on sale.  Second, when do babies even start wearing shoes?  I mean, we're trying to get away with just socks for as long as possible.  But seriously, when do we need shoes?!?

And then I almost got these for next spring/summer:
These were actually on sale.  But I didn't know what size to order, not knowing (1) when he'd need shoes and (2) how big he would be when he needed them.  

As you can tell, I have baby on the brain.

On a TOTALLY different tangent - I really don't want L Bean to be born on September 11th.  Is that stupid?  L's generation may not even think twice about it, but that day has such a bad vibe for the rest of us.  Regardless of its stupidity, I'm keeping my legs crossed until the 12th.


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