Funny Story: One

Liam's birth story is in draft form. While I'm working on that, I want to share a funny story with you.  The title of this post is Funyn Story: One, which implies that there are more funny stories to come.  If you infered as much, you were correct!  I don't know if you knew this, but babies are FUNNY. Sometimes, the funny really isn't so funny, but your only option is to laugh.  And let me tell you, we've laughed, A LOT. Which for a period of time really sucked for me (I bet you have no idea just how many muscles you flex when you laugh. And sneeze, cough, blow your nose, yell, etc.), but more on that later.  Anyway, here's that story:

Liam and I were released from the hospital on a Thursday.  Our pediatrician wanted us to come in for a weight-check on Saturday.  Our first time venturing out of the house with Booger (by far our favorite nickname for L). How exciting!  Before leaving, Husband and I discussed how awesome it would be if Liam didn't have a blow out on our first trip out.  So we had a quick chat with our new son, politely asking him to be nice and not need a change, and we headed-out.

It was our first trip to the pediatrician, so I had some paperwork to fill-out.  We were sitting in the waiting room filling out the paperwork when we heard Liam let one blow.  Every time (EVERY TIME) my son poops, I hear it loud and clear.  Sometimes the walls shake, for real.  Husband and I both laugh, but all I'm really thinking is, "Thank GOODNESS I'm filling-out this paperwork."  So Husband takes him back to the bathroom for a change.  Of course one minute later the nurse calls Liam's name.  I tell her that my husband took Liam back to change him.  She goes to wait for Husband after she takes me to the exam room.  I settle-in the and finish the paperwork.  Five minutes later, Husband is still gone, and I'm starting to worry.

I head to the bathroom where I think Husband took Liam, and there are two nurses waiting outside the door.  I knock on the door saying, "Josh?"   I hear, "Yeeees."  "Do you need help?" "Yeees."  Mommy to the rescue!  I open the door and immediately start laughing (and holding my lady bits).  It looks like a tornado touched-down in the bathroom.  Liam is naked.  There are baby clothes and wipes EVERYWHERE.  And Husband looks a little panicked.  I say, "What happened?!?!"  Liam pooped, a lot.  And then Husband was changing him, he pooped more and everywhere.  And then he peed all over himself, the changing pad, changing table, and Josh. .  Josh has ONE wipe left (We had packed at least 20), and he had gone-through a few diapers.  All the while, Liam has this look of, "Did I do that?" on his face.  Again, laughing is all you can really do. 

We made it home without further incident... Other than the little man meltdown on the way home.  Someone was hungry, and someone wanted to eat RIGHT NOW.  It was the first time we really heard him wail.  My heart broke.  And of course we hit EVERY red light.

For Funny Story: Two, I'll explain this picture:


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