Count Down to Baby: SOON

Today my spirits are better. So take THAT!

I realized this week just how hard it is to work and be this pregnant. I remember being sore and uncomfortable last week. After a three-day holiday weekend and one sick day, I noticed just how WRECKED I felt when I got home from work last night. My back hurt. I felt so much pressure in my lady bits. My feet were swollen. And I was mentally exhausted. What was I thinking working up until my due date?!?! Oh yeah, I’d rather spend the time off with my little guy than sitting and watching the US Open all day (It’s totally consuming my TV time).

I had an emotional turn-around last night. I realized that it was Wednesday night, and I only had two more days of work. And I realized that even if I didn’t go into labor on my own RIGHT NOW, we weren’t far from meeting Liam. As much as I want my body to do its thing and go into labor naturally, getting induced won’t be the end of the world. First, my body has already made progress. And it will likely have made even more progress by the time I get induced. So I won’t be starting from scratch, going zero to 60 really fast. Second, we can RELAX on the day of induction. We can wake-up, make coffee, and read the newspaper. We can calmly (albeit anxiously) go-over our packing list and bags. We don’t have to rush to the hospital. Third, I won’t have to play 20 questions with the hospital staff when I’m in active labor. Fourth, we can snuggle our babies (the dogs) all morning and give them lots and LOTS of love. Where I was an impatient, uncomfortable mess just two days ago, I am thankful, full of faith, and still uncomfortable today.

I think I have a problem… I am obsessed with baby clothes. I’m obsessed with sales, online and in store. I get email updates. Lots of them. All of which I need to UNSUBSCRIBE to. This kid needs to get here so I can realize that we have enough clothes for him. But let me tell you – L Bean has the CUTEST Thanksgiving outfit. We’re going to be at The Homestead over Thanksgiving (my parents have a time share). It’ll be our first trip with baby. Luckily it’s only a 2+ hour drive away. I’ve also been scoping Christmas pajamas, because obviously he needs to be festive. We are SO pumped to have family time Christmas morning. He won’t know the difference, but it’ll be nice to not rush-off right after waking-up. I’ve also been on the prowl for when the Christmas sweaters come out. Um, can we say Christmas card?!?! Don’t worry – he already has a Halloween onesie and the cutest little hat you’ve ever seen.
And who said dressing a boy wasn’t fun?! And yes, everything was on sale so operation “Don’t Pay Full Price For Baby Clothes” is still a success.

I’m beginning to feel better, thank you God. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore. See, another reason why L Bean waiting to make his entrance is a good thing. Mommy gets time to feel better. I would REALLY like to be able to breathe through my nose while in labor. Just a small request.

Wanna know what’s on my mind? Oh, just baby stuff… and NOTHING ELSE. I can’t focus on anything to save my life. All I can think about is: What will he look like? How much will he weigh? Holding him. Snuggling him. Kissing his nose. Him wrapping his little fingers around my finger. Nursing him. DRESSING him. Seeing Josh hold him. Will I cry when he’s born? Will Josh cry when he’s born? Not sleeping because of him. Seeing the dogs react to and fall in love with him. Play dates with friends. 12 weeks at home with him. My dad visiting in TWO WEEKS. I could keep going, but you get the picture. It’s BABY BABY BABY. There isn’t room for anything else.


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