Oh sweet delight, I have BOOBS!

I’m at the belly-point where I’ve almost out-grown all of my pre-pregnancy tops (my love of shirts that are a size or two too big has really come in handy over the past few months). Even my two-foot stack of beloved v-neck t-shirts stretch tightly over my stomach (but I still wear them because I LOVE them. Plus, they make my feel pregnant). A few more weeks of this, and I’ll have five shirts that fit me. I’m trying to motivate myself to go shopping before that happens to avoid a 6:30 am “I’m having a fat/pregnancy/I’M SO BIG” meltdown. It’s not working nearly as well as it did with the painting.

Natalie, avert your eyes. Just skip this paragraph. Everything will be okay, I PROMISE. My best and oldest friend, Natalie is getting married on June 12th, and I’m lucky enough to be her matron of honor (speech = already written!). I’d only been with-Liam for about six weeks when she sent-out the bridesmaids dress email. CRAP, was my first thought. She was one of the first people to hear the news, and we devised a plan. We pick-out a great wrap dress from J. Crew in the same fabric and color as the other bridesmaids. It doesn’t scream SHE’S WITH-CHILD, which I really appreciate. In fact, I plan to alter the dress down-to-size once I’ve shrunk back to normal (OPTIMISM at its best). Since I had no clue how pregnant twenty-six weeks would be for me, I ordered a few sizes up (normally a size 2 in J. Crew, so I ordered a size 8). I tried that bad-boy on last weekend to see how much it would need to be taken in. My answer? NONE. I couldn’t believe it. It snapped, but barely. Thankfully, it’s a wrap dress, so the alterations to make it bigger should be fairly non-invasive. I whispered down to Liam, asking him very nicely to grow slowly over the next four weeks. I gave him permission to go nuts on June 13th. I can’t lie, I panicked. Josh was there to calm me back down to earth (his nonchalance always amazes me, in such a good way). I’m still panicked – don’t think Josh is THAT good. And I’ll continue to be panicked until I put the dress on in 22 days and it snaps, wraps, and fully covers all my goodies. All will be well (I’ve been praying VERY hard on this).

My belly isn’t the only thing that’s grown. Remember that butt I had in high school? Oh yeah, it’s back. Except this time it’s not the result of soccer seven days a week (I’m THAT girl who lost ten pounds her freshman year of college because I wasn’t being as active). I also have the thighs that I had in high school – the ones from all of those quick sprints. Only this time they’re not as firm. The third non-belly item that’s grown is a much, MUCH welcomed growth. I have BOOBS. Mercifully, these were the first things to grow, so my new butt and thighs delivered a softer blow to my ego. Because I had BOOBS. I went bra shopping a couple months ago and bought a C-cup bra. OH SWEET DELIGHT. It’s already time for an upgrade to a D-cup. Wait, WHAT?! It’s like Christmas.

On a boob side-note: This morning I put-on my C-cup bra and pulled-on my black tank top and grey short-sleeved cardigan. I walked downstairs to pack my lunch, and use the bathroom one last time before leaving for work. The bright, enclosed light of the downstairs bathroom revealed my nude bra in all its glory shining through my black tank top (THANK YOU bathroom lights). Easy fix. Where is that black bra?? You know, the B-CUP. I managed to wrangle my D-cup boobs into the black B-cup bra and pulled-on the tank top once again. You can’t see it (because the tank isn’t low-cut) but my cleavage (so THIS is what cleavage looks like!) looks GREAT today. But my new friends are screaming for support. Maybe we’ll stop-by VC after Motherhood Maternity.


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