Who was productive this weekend? (Hint: WE WERE!)

Josh and I were uncharacteristically productive this weekend. Usually this is how it goes: On Thursday and Friday we make a verbal list of the things we plan to get done over the weekend (our week nights are generally errand/project-free – we get home, cook dinner, get ready for bed by 8:30 pm, and turn-off the lights by 9:30pm. Yes, we know; we live like 80 year-olds in a nursing home). Then on Sunday we recap the weekend’s accomplishments and finish-up with, “Okay, we HAVE to do _____ next weekend.” Not this weekend! Not only did we accomplish everything on our list, but we finished a few extras. Unheard-of! I went to bed last night beyond relaxed, knowing that the entire house was clearer and more organized than it’s ever been (although, I haven’t seen the attic… that’s Josh’s domain. And it got A LOT fuller this weekend. Ignorance is bliss).

Tonight we’re taking a piece of Liam’s bedding (as promised, it arrived from Diapers.com on Saturday around 2:00 pm – I am so in love. Not only was the turn-around 24 hours, but ALL SHIPPING IS FREE. I think I’ve found my baby crack) to Lowe’s tonight to pick-out paint. Maybe we’ll get the trim painted tonight. We can do this because the bedroom is already tapped-off. YES, we really were THAT productive. Did I mention that we (and by “we” I mean Josh) even put pictures in the frames hanging our family room? Yeah, we’ve lived in our house since October and those frames have been hanging empty since day-one (we’re talking six frames which in-case 12+ photos). We’re riding the wave as long as possible because there’s no telling when it’ll end.

Our extreme productivity this weekend meant that I had to take numerous breaks. It’s amazing how much pregnancy complicates easy tasks. For example, bending over to pick-up things off the floor repeatedly gets really uncomfortable. And taping-off a room for paint – HA! Watching me wipe the floor boards as I crawled along on all-threes on the floor must have been really amusing (Josh, thanks for not laughing at me). There was also a lot of pushing heavy items along the carpet, since picking-up these heavy items is discouraged. And there was a lot of this: Josh, can you pick this up for me? Josh, I’m really sorry, but can you take this downstairs on your next trip. I feel helpless and needy, but Josh is a champion helper.

Anyway, on to the reason I brought-up the breaks. On one such break, I sat in our big chair downstairs and stared at my stomach for five minutes. Liam was doing past-paced yoga poses. I eventually called Josh downstairs to marvel with me. But before I did that, I caught myself thinking, “I’m totally going to want eight kids because experiencing this once isn’t going to be enough.” I can’t believe I have less than four months left. At first thought, I get a little sad. And then, of course, I realize what comes AFTER pregnancy and that sadness melts away. I’ve been very lucky. This pregnancy has been a breeze, so I’ve really been able to enjoy every second (thank you, God). I may be singing a different tune in August when I’m out-to-here, swollen, and its 95 degrees EVERY DAY (thanks so much, Virginia). But right now, I’m savoring it all - even the minor discomforts and random tweaks of pain (if you twist too quickly, the ligaments around your uterus FREAK). Plus, I’m loving all of the opportunities for lists and spreadsheets. You should see our “things we need” spreadsheet. It’s a beauty.


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