I recognize this scene from Species II

I cannot get enough of Liam’s kicks. When he’s pushing eight pounds and round-housing my bladder, I imagine I’ll politely ask him to stop. But right now, I revel in every. single. kick. To be honest, before I’d felt that first flutter I thought it might freak me out. Think about it – something, that’s living by the way, is kicking you from the INSIDE. That thought conjures Alien and Species images. However, real experience was quite the opposite. We bond over these kicks. That’s all we can bond over. And Josh bonds with Liam through the kicks. And Josh and I bond with each other through the kicks. Last night we spent five minutes just watching my stomach twitch and bulge. We were exclaiming, “Whoa!” and “Good one!” the entire time. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

We had a check-up this morning (these happen every four weeks right now). My mom tagged-along. All is well with Liam! Doc said my fluid looks good (no, not THOSE fluids,
amniotic fluid), my blood pressure is good, Liam’s heart rate is normal, and he informed us that he looked at the results from our anatomy work-up two weeks ago and all looks well. My glucose test (aka they take MORE blood... did I mention the time they took SEVEN viles?) is scheduled for 4 weeks from now. An hour before the test I’m supposed to drink a 10 ounce drink they sent home with me. Those 10 ounces contain an obscene amount of sugar. Doc’s advice: drink it as fast as possible. They load you with sugar to see how your pancreas reacts. This gives them an indication of your susceptibility to gestational diabetes.

Our plans for the tonight: the first stage of operation Prepare for Liam. We’re cleaning/clearing-out the office. It’s still going to remain an office, but it’s been a catch-all for crap. Nothing feels better than throwing away bags of crap and donating bags of usable “someone else’s treasure.” Stage two is moving Josh’s clothes into the office closet (yes, I took-over the entire master closest). Then we need to remove the bed and bookcase from the to-be nursery. Then we PAINT. I finally pulled the trigger on Liam’s bedding. I can’t tell you how many times I added the items to my cart online. Diapers.com must know a secret that other online companies don’t because I ordered it this morning at 9:00 am, and by 11:00 am it has already shipped. It’ll be here TOMORROW. Maybe we can pick-out paint this weekend. I keep repeating: We will not procrastinate, we will not procrastinate, we will not procrastinate. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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