3 Months Old

Nicknames: LiYUM, Booger, Booger Butt, Little Man, Handsome Man, Bubba, Boogs, Mister Man

Things I Could Do Without: Daddy and I can't figure-out anything we could do without.  Daddy just said, "Month three was a good month."  I agree!

Item/Toy We Love The Most: Your plug (pacifier). It saves us on a daily basis.  When you're hungry, we can buy a few more minutes of time.  When you're sleepy, it knocks you out quickly.  Your daddy, plug, and I make a good team!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Your hands. You really discovered your hands this month.  One will catch your gaze, and you just stare at it.  And then your eyes follow it as you bring it to your mouth, making your eyes cross. If you drop your plug, your fingers/hand is a worthy stand-in.  Sometimes you'll make me think you're hungry, tired, or want your plug when really you just want to suck on your hands.

Thing I’m Loving Most Right Now: I love how snuggly you are when you just wake-up.  You rest your head on my chest and are so content.  And you let-out the sweetest, sleepiest coos.  I could live in those moments for a lifetime.  Also, I love the smile you give me when I come to get your after a nap.  I lean over the railing of your crib and say, "Hey, Handsome."  You flash the most swoon-worthy smile.  My heart melts into a big puddle at my feet.


Mommy went back to work this month, and you went to daycare. You love Mrs. Lois and Mrs. Jackie.  You didn't sleep much at daycare the first week, and you would fall asleep super early at home. Dropping you off in the morning is hardest thing Mommy does all day.

This month you started sleeping through the night!  Well, most of the time. The week before I went back to work you started to extend your night time rest.  The first time you slept 6+ hours I panicked, jumped up, and made sure you were still breathing.  You were.  In fact, you were snoring!

Droll, oh the drool.  You are a drooling fool!

You love to have your picture taken.  When a camera is in your face, you calmly stare into the lens. You are fascinated.

You love any toy that makes noise. Whether it squeaks, rattles, or talks, you LOVE it.

When you take a bottle, you regularly suck-down 5 ounces (which is the size of the bottles we have).  It may be time to get bigger bottles!

This month you really started to nice the Henrik and Fiona (the dogs).  You watch them as they walk by and you'll stare at them if they're sitting near you.  They love you so much!  Especially Henrik.  He's quietly protective, always wanting to be where you are.

You LOVE to lay and stretch-out.  When we put you on the floor you start kicking and talking. 

We moved your pack n' play out of our bedroom.  Your swing, however, remains.

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