2 Months Old

Nicknames: Li, LiYUM, Booger, Booger Butt, Little Man, Handsome Man, Bubba, Boogs, Mister Man

Things I Could Do Without: Sometimes you sleep 4 hours at a time, but most of the time you sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a time at night.  I am REALLY hoping you extend your nighttime snoozes by the time I go back to work.  If we don't catch you (and put you down) before you get overly tired, you FIGHT sleep.  Sometimes it takes HOURS to get you to fall asleep. 

Item/Toy We Love The Most: The swing is still our savior.  You love to look at the stars that light-up and swirl around the room.  If we put you in the swing and don't turn-on the stars, you stare at the globe in anticipation.  So cute. Not only does the swing help you fall asleep when you're fighting it, but it helps you to stay asleep longer.  THANK YOU for that, Swing.  

Item/Toy You Love The Most:  You still love your play mat.  But recently, you've really fallen in love with your animal-themed bouncy seat.  It has three plastic animals that dangle over your head, one of which plays music when you pull the attached string.  You LOVE the music.  We are so ready for you to be able to pull the string yourself so we don't have to pull it every 20 seconds.  Much like the stars on your swing, you look at the animals in anticipation when the music stops.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Your smile.  Oh my gosh.  Your smile melts my heart. You are such a smiley little baby.  When I lean-down to pick you up from your crib (which is really a pack n play that's in our room) and say, "Hey, handsome," you smile so big at me.  When you take a long nap during the day, I find myself missing you and wishing you would just wake-up already! 


You've started to rub your eyes when you get tired.  It is absolutely adorable.  It's been so fun to see you gain more control over your arms/hands.  I feel like I trim your nails constantly; if I don't, you'll maul your face.  Or Daddy's - you scratched him GOOD on his neck.

A week ago your Grammy was trying to get you to fall asleep by swinging you in her arms.  Twice you closed your eyes and fell asleep and then WHAM, you opened your eyes.  Your poor Grammy kept saying, "Why does he do that?! He was ASLEEP!" 

You only accept your pacifier if (1) you're sleepy and trying to fall  asleep or (2) you're hungry.  We didn't even offer you a pacifer until you were about three weeks old.  When we did finally offer it to you, we did so with trepidation.  First of all, we really wanted breastfeeding to go well so we wanted to prevent nipple confusion.  Second, we didn't want you to end-up one of those 18-month olds running around the house with a pacifier in your mouth at all times. So it has worked-out perfectly that you only want it under certain circumstances.

At your Daddy's soccer game this past weekend, you were sitting on my lap trying to poop (have I mentioned how funny you are when you try to poop?  We laugh and say you get greedy with your poops because you'll be sitting there grunting away when you've already recently pooped).  And poop you did!  I went to change you in your stroller, and I noticed poop on the FRONT of your onesie.  That's the thing about pooping when you're sitting - it all comes FORWARD.  You ended-up getting poop in your belly button.  Very impressive, Little Man.

You got your first cold last week (and you still have it).  Even though you clearly don't feel 100%, you are still as smiley as ever. 

We're still waiting for that first baby laugh.  We can't wait!

I'm convinced that you'll be left-handed.  We'll see if my theory pans-out.

We love to prop you up on our legs and sing pat-a-cake with you.  We clap your hands, and you LOVE it.  You smile so big, and I can tell you want to let out a big laugh.  I don't know what it is about that song, but it's the only one you react to so happily.

Sometimes when you're nursing you'll disconnect, look-up at me, and smile so big.  It's a sheepish little grin.  Love it.

Your eyes are still blue.  So blue. When I was pregnant with you, your Daddy and I always wondered what color your eyes would be.  I have dark brown eyes, so we thought for sure the brown would beat-out the blue.  Secretly, we wanted you to have big blue eyes.  As the weeks passed, your eyes got more and more blue. You're going to be a heart breaker!

You grew-out of your newborn sized clothes by two weeks. At two months, you're wearing three month clothes, but some of them are getting small, especially in the arms.  A few onesies are like three quarter sleeves!  We think you'll be in six-month clothes by three months old.  You're going to be TALL, just like your Mommy and Daddy.

Your head control is AWESOME!  Each day, you spend time in your Bumbo seat and sitting up in our laps.  You're able to keep your head up with little help, and you can turn your head to follow objects without much support.

For comparison:

The easiest way to see the difference is compare the size of the month sticker. Wowzer!


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