What I've Learned

Being a parent has taught me MANY things. Some sweet. Some funny. Some gross. All awesome.

1. This Halloween I noticed just how slutty 80% of the costumes are.

2. I'm more germ conscious, especially in public places. Gross!
          a. On a similar note, instant hand sanitizer WILL dry out your cuticles.

3. My hunger and need to pee can wait, as long as it needs to.

4. You'd be amazed how quickly you can adjust to far less sleep.

5. When you give you son a kiss and he opens his mouth and deposits a mouth-full of saliva in your mouth, it's okay.  You got a KISS. Come ON.  Open mouth kisses from babies are the BEST.


7. I am stronger than I've ever given myself credit for.

8. I would do anything, ANYTHING for my son.  Unspeakable ferocity.

9. Poo on your finger? Meh. Wipe it on your pajama pants in a pinch.


11. Who our real friends are.

12. Nothing cures a bad day like a laughing, smiling baby.

13. Waking-up a few times a night isn't hard when you have such a good reason for doing so.

14. Where I used to say never, I could TOTALLY be a SAHM.

15. Daycare is painful. 

16. Breastfed poo DOES stink. 
17. There's nothing like it!

And yes, I'm aware that I've ended a few of these in prepositions. Refer to #6.

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Bobby Pin Natalie said...

I hear you on the breastfed poo... I am not a mom though... but I think it stinks!

Sounds like adventures for sure.

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