A Non 4th Weekend

We didn't do a lot of 4th of July related activities this weekend, even though we had a few fun things planned.  We aborted all such plans when we realized that Fiona needed constant vigilance (read: I just couldn't leave her).  We finally found a cone that works, but she'd already had a few days to do damage.  Although she may be headed in the right direction, her progress has been MUCH slower than my sanity can handle.  The cone brings me some comfort, but you know what will really bring me comfort?  Her being back to normal.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anyway, we took advantage of our self-imposed lock-in and got A LOT done around the house.  Warning: This is a picture-heavy post. 

12 hours after we first put on the cone.  She's accepted to its presence.  Both of the dogs are REALLY tired because I was home much of the week, and I totally messed-up their daytime nap schedule.

Mr. H giving F some love on her level.

This is my thought: be as organized and cleaned-out as possible because with baby comes lots and lots of stuff.  I packed-away the kitchen items that we don't use on a regular basis.  We now have free space in the kitchen cabinets, ready to be filled with sippy cups and kids silverware.  I even created a kid-friendly (read: tupperware filled) lower cabinet for when baby proofing becomes necessary.

I cleaned-out and organized our pantry.  Mr. H and I are on a mission to be less wasteful when it comes to food.  So far we've been fairly successful.  At the end of the week, when we're in need of the next grocery shopping trip, our pantry looks bare.  Have you tried the new Artisan Triscuits? HEAVENLY.

I cleaned-out and organized the spice cabinet and baking cabinets.  Like our fancy new pot rack?  We got it at Ikea for $25 plus 3 packs of hooks for $3 each.  The pot racks at Lowe's are $150+.  Score!  And I can't tell you how much cabinet space it has created.  It'll look even better when our counters are black granite, and we upgrade our appliances.  All in due time.

On a painting break, Josh played hide-and-seek with L Bean.

And he got some Fiona cone love.

While Henrik watched-on and got jealous.  As much as we've tried to spread the attention wealth this weekend, Fiona has definitely gotten more and poor Henrik is feeling a little left out.  Although, he does seem relieved to not be wearing a cone.

Josh painted the master bathroom.  Goodbye bright yellow!  You will NOT be missed.  I kept hearing, "Morons.  So stupid. LAZY!"  Apparently, the previous owners (1) didn't know how to paint and (2) were too lazy to tape-off most of the rooms.  The moldings, base boards, ceilings, door frames, face plates, etc. all over the hours are covered with paint.  Added to the list of eventuals:  Re-paint all trims and ceilings.  Awesome.

He also painted the office, which was a baby's room for the previous owners.  Below the chair-rail were vertical stripes of satin and ultra glossy paint.  Josh was cursing the previous owners are he sanded the ultra glossy stripes. Goodbye baby blue!  You will also NOT be missed.

The color is "rugged suede."  It's a dark grayish brownish, but I just see brown.  MORE BROWN!  We do love our shades of brown.

I baked cookies.  I have a feeling this will happen a lot over the next two months.

I organised the hand-me-down clothes we've received and the few new clothes that we've purchased into the drawers.  I got a distinct feeling of, "OMW, this is really happening" while I was organizing.


The 3 to 6 month drawer.

I stocked the changing table basket with a few items.

And I put-away some hand-me-down and new blankets, burp rags, and bibs.

Our house is also spotless, as I spent free seconds grazing and cleaning.  And all the laundry is done.  Suffice to say, we're beat. 

We don't have many things left before Don (and maybe Lindsay!) come to the house for our maternity session on the 27th.  The cradle (we're using the cradle my brother and I used when we were babies) needs to be sanded, put back together, and stained.  I need to make L Bean's mobile (shopping trip for fabric and supplies will hopefully take place this week/weekend).  We need to finish the magnetized chalkboard in L Bean's room.  I just consulted Mr. H, and those are the big things remaining.  In terms of general baby prep, we're more than on-track.  I need to start pulling together a list of things I want to pack for the hospital.  We need to make a labor mix.  I have to buy a few things for the hospital - big pajamas, a robe, a few comfortable nursing bras, etc.  

Did I mentioned that we FINALLY got a kitchen table? Finally.  $125 on craigslist.com. That's right.  It's in perfect condition.  The couple who sold it to us were getting married (this weekend!), and she was moving her stuff in to his condominium.  Of course the guys stuff had to go, duh. Our gain, big time.  

Do you like how I managed to get all four animals in the post?  The cats were an unplanned surprise.

I've been a little Fiona-consume, so posts have been non-existent, and we missed the 29-week bump picture.  Tomorrow is 30 weeks (DO WHAT?!?!), and we're getting back on the wagon.


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