Happy 33 Weeks, L Bean!

Each week seems to pass more quickly than the last - it's a little alarming.  Did you know, that I am three(ish) weeks away from the point where my doctor probably wouldn't intervene if I go into labor?  THREE WEEKS.  Dude, I'm so not ready to go into labor.  I mean, that's going to  hurt.   I've been reading birth stories, and the women keep using the same description of how it feels - like the upper half of your body is trying to rip away from the lower half.  Um, PASS.  But it's too late now! 

What's new this week?

- My feet hurt.  The pain/soreness is mainly situated in my heels.  My center of gravity is completely tipped towards the front, so I naturally lean-back on my heels to counter-balance (and prevent face dives).  The result?  Super sore heals.  And they're starting to swell a little, so all of my work shoes are tight.  I've transitioned to sandals, which isn't work appropriate, but I like to think that I have a good excuse. 

- My engagement ring has a new home.  In a drawer.  We went to an outdoor concert this past Friday night, and it was HOT.  I had both rings on, but desperately wanted them OFF my finger by the end of the night.  My wedding band is thin, so it doesn't bother me.  But I do miss the combo.  

- I've started to pull-together my hospital bag.  The list has been sitting in excel for awhile now, but I've actually started purchasing the items.  My mom and I went shopping a couple weeks ago, and we found awesome pjs and a lightweight robe.  The lollipops and gum are in my closet.  This weekend I'm going to start pulling together the items that I don't use often and putting them in a corner of my closet.  I've decided that I'm going to have a "just in case I need something more" pile.  It'll save Josh some guesswork if he has to run home for more items.

- I'm not sleeping well.  During the middle months I was sleeping fairly consistently, only waking-up twice a night (which is AMAZING compared to six times a night during the first trimester).  Well, I've starting to wake-up more.  And we all know why I'm waking up.  I have to pee.  I'm able to get comfortable and fall asleep quickly, but the damage has already been done. 

- I feel L Bean super high in my belly.  It seems like he hovered at belly button level for WEEKS.  And then overnight he was an inch past my belly button.  Now I can feel him a solid four inches above my belly button, especially when he does a full body stretch (you know, when tries to extend his arms OUT of my lady bits and kicks his feet into my throat). 

- I could use third trimester maternity clothes.  All of my clothes are tighter.  But I'm holding out.  It doesn't make sense to buy any more clothes.

- We have ONE project left in L Bean's room.  Just one!  And it's an easy one. 

- I had to rock myself out of the seated position on the couch.  Yes, it's just as funny/pitiful as you're picturing it to be. 

- What if he's not a Liam?  This new thought has crept into my brain.  What if he comes-out and he's not a Liam?  Josh has assured me that he will be, which is good.  Considering his name is already on the wall. 

- It still hasn't clicked.  I still don't think it's clicked that there's actually a baby in my belly.  I scrutinze a newborn diaper and then hold it against my stomach - my brain fights the idea that there's something in there that will be big enough to wear it. 

- We have a stroller in our dining room.  Husband's brother and his wife won't make it to our baby shower (but they will make it up to VA shortly after L Bean is born!), so they sent our shower gift early.  Our stroller!  HOLLER.  Of course Josh immediately got busy putting it together.  And of course I took it for a spin around the downstairs.  Who wants to go with me to the park in the middle of the workday in October for a walk?!?!

- Identity crisis.  Before I got pregnant, I was just Betsy.  Tall, skinny, Betsy.  And then I got pregnant.  And I was Preggo Betsy (thanks, Sarah).  Still tall, now thickening, Betsy.  If I'm completely honest, I admit that the transition was interesting and hard at times.  Now I'm used to Preggo Betsy.  Just in time for me to be Mom Betsy.  I'm going to miss Preggo Betsy, there's no doubt about that.  Pregnancy has been amazing.  I've only had two geniuely uncomfortable days in 8+ months of pregnancy.  And then I'll be Working Mom Betsy.  Luckily I'll have a kick-butt kid to help ease the transition.

We had yet another doc appointment yesterday.  My mom came with us.  She was really excited to see Doc (Doc was my Aunt Amy's doctor, sot he whole family knows him well).  Doc did a quickie ultrasound to see how our little man is looking.  Good, strong heartbeat.  His head, belly ("of the beast"), and legs are measuring about a week ahead.  His estimated weight is 5 lbs 10 oz.  According to babycenter.com a 33 week-old baby weighs "a little over 4 pounds."  So, um, I'm growing a sumo wrestler (and my lady bits quiver).   We got to peep his face in 3D.  Um, cutie!  Well, what we could see of his face looked cute.  He had his hand in his mouth.  Doc pushed on my stomach to get him to move.  I believe Doc said, "Oh, that REALLY pissed him off (to which I was thinking, "No, duh, Doc.  I could literally FEEL his disdain for you)."  L Bean completely turned away and hid.  Hid everything.  Looks like someone is going to be stubborn like their Momma (Lord, help us).  Doc pushed on my belly again, but L Bean wasn't having any of it.  I guess he wants his face to be a total surprise come D Day.  Husband and I keep talking about how fun it''ll be to see who he resembles.  Because,  I don't know if you knew this, but this kid is half ME and half HIM.  Crazy, right!


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