Birth Story: Part I

I had a doctors appointment on the 3rd (a Friday).  Based on that appointment, my doctor was convinced that I wouldn't make it to my due date. Little man was REALLY low in my pelvis and I was dilated and effaced. Husband and I spent that week waiting and wondering. I spent the week working and wishing that I wasn’t. I also spend the week analyzing EVERY SINGLE thing going-on with my body. Well, we learned early that Liam is stubborn like his mommy because he didn’t come that next week. At our appointment on the 13th, our doctor told us that he waited all week for a phone call (he was on a staycation) from us. He was convinced that it would happen Thursday night during the Vikings game when he was loaded. It didn’t.

At our appointment on the 13th (a Monday), we learned that I was still only 1 cm, very effaced, and little guy was even lower in my pelvis. Doctor still couldn’t believe that I hadn’t gone into labor. He laid-out our options: (1) He would strip my membranes right then and there and send us home to wait it out. He said, “But I don’t really like to strip membranes because it’s kind of like torture.” Um, WHAT?! Apparently it’s really painful. I replied with, “PASS.” (2) Do nothing right then and there and come back on Thursday. Husband and I were ready to get this party started, so I asked if we HAD to wait until Thursday. I’m so glad I asked because he said we could go to the hospital after the appointment for me to be induced. OPTION THREE, please! Doctor called the hospital and talked to the doctor on-call (Dr. Meade). He said, and this is a direct quote, “I’m sending over a patient to be induced. Can you drop some Cervadil in her?” So casual. Just drop it in! Husband and I died laughing. So the plan was to get checked-in, drop-in Cervadil around 4 pm, removed Cervadil 12 hours later, start Pitocin. SUPER excited, we headed to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, we went to the L&D area of the women’s pavilion. Which was wrong. We needed to register first, which was on the other side of the hospital. I can’t imagine doing through this process while already in labor. It didn’t take terribly long, but it would have felt like an eternity if I was managing contractions. Benefit number one to being induced. Once registered, we walked back over to L&D to get checked-in.

This is when we met Awesome Nurse Pam. When I say awesome, I mean AWESOME. Pam was amazing. She sent me to the bathroom to put-on what would be my uniform for the next four days. She followed me in the bathroom to ask me some personal questions, one of which was if my husband beat me. I swear I’m not making this up. I literally laughed at her, and said no. After the questions, she explained that if I had to pee I needed to do it into the plastic bin in the toilet. Fun. Then Awesome Nurse Pam left the room (with the cookies I baked for the nurses), and we got ourselves situated.

Awesome Nurse Pam came back, and I signed some papers. She got me hooked-up to the monitors, took my blood pressure (for the first of 800 times), and put-in the IV lock. I warned her ahead of time that I tend to pee A LOT, so she showed me how to disconnect the two monitors, throw the cords over my shoulder, and go to the bathroom. And then she left again.

The monitor above shows the contractions and fetal heartrate for each woman hooked-up the monitors.  This was the cheapest entertainment.  I stared at the screen for hours.  It was so much fun to see the women in the different stages of labor. It was obvious when women were just starting the process, when they were in transition, and when they were pushing.  It was great.

Eventually, Dr. Meade came to “drop-in” the Cervadil, which is like a tampon for your cervix. There’s a huge string (picture a shoe string) and everything that dangles to your mid-thigh. Totally weird. The goal of Cervadil is to soften the cervix and get it to start dilating. Putting it in didn’t hurt at all, and I couldn’t feel it once it was in (other than the string). Dr. Meade left, and we settled in for a 12 hour wait. The US Open final was on, so I watched that on and off for the next few hours. Awesome Nurse Pam came in every 10 or 15 minutes to check-on me.

After a couple hours, things started to pick-up a bit…


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