Some Cool People Visited and I Got Showered

I had been counting down to last weekend for MONTHS.  Now it's done and gone.  Mega sad face.  But it was a total blast. 

Kerry and Caroline came to visit.  We shopped and ate.  It was divine. They got to see the nursery.  They also tagged-along to the hospital for a tour and Kerry was my wingwoman for a pre-natal with a pediatrician (and she was a stellar wingwoman).  The pre-admin nurse at HDH offered to give me a quickie tour since the official hospital tours fill-up three months in advance (which would have been nice to know!).  So Jessica (SIL), Kerry, Caroline, and I went to the hospital bright and early Friday morning. Debra, pre-admin nurse, was AWESOME.  She ended-up spending 30+ minutes with us.  We saw everything.  The L&D rooms.  The postpartum rooms.  The lobbies.  The nurseries (CUTE CUTE CUTE babies were inside).  I bet our impromptu tour kicked the official tour's butt!  The L&D rooms were all remodeled within the past year, and they were beautiful.  And really spacious.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I mean, they were HUGE.  Being the planner that I am, seeing the hospital really made me feel more comfortable.  And it was fun for K & C to see where I would be delivering, since they won't be able to visit until a while after L Bean's birth.


Saturday I got showered.  A big thank you to Natalie, my mom, and Jessica for putting together such a great event.  It was perfect.  Josh and I are so blessed to have some amazing and generous friends and family.  Here are some pictures of the shower:
My sweet cousin Megan.  Seriously, how cute is she?!?

Maggie came!  The shower date was 7 days before her due date.  Such a trooper.
Red velvet cake, my favorite!

Some of the coolest women I know.
Thank you, Natalie!!!
Caroline took pictures while I opened gifts.  Here is the one and ONLY picture where I'm making a semi-normal face:

Ella and Megan helped me open gifts. 
And because I was literally laughing out-loud when I looked through the pictures, here are the many faces of opening baby gifts:

I don't think I've ever used the word "cute" so much in my life. 
I think this one if my favorite.  This face makes me think of the smell of Husband's farts on one of his good days.
We unloaded our bounty (just for you, Caroline!) at home; and because I'm crazy, I did show-and-tell with Husband, and then we immediately unpacked, organized, broke-down boxes, and threw clothes in the laundry.  L Bean's room looks ready now. Not so staged and perfect.  It looks lived-in.  Or at least ready to be lived-in. 

On Sunday, K, C, Husband, and I went to a church that Husband and I had been too chicken to visit ourselves.   It's a lot like the church K, C, and family attend in Michigan.  It's big.  It's loud.  It's contemporary.  The first time I attended a church like this, I must admit, I was completely intimidated.  But now it's where I feel the most at home.  Church doesn't have to be stuffy and boring.  It doesn't require ties and tights.  Kerry made good on her promise and shook lots of hands and kissed lots of babies (her words).  Overall, we enjoyed the experience and plan to go back this weekend.  On the way home, we were rear-ended.  It was minor, but an accident all the same.  We pulled-off the road and assessed the damage.  It turns-out that the guy was coming from church, the very church we just visited.  We couldn't help but laugh.  He felt terrible and was completely embarrassed.  And he really lost it when I stepped-out of the car, and realized that I was pregnant.  Accidents are an inconvenience to all involved, but at least the guy was really nice and we had a good laugh with him.  And everyone was A-okay and safe.  Although, I definitely did obsess over EVERY little thing my body did for the next few hours.

The weekend passed entirely too quickly. Before I knew it, the shower was over and Kerry and Caroline were leaving.  I napped like a champion Sunday afternoon.  No baking was done (shock and awe!).  No cleaning was done.  No laundry was done.  But it was the BEST weekend.


mama b said...

ok so i'm dying to know what church you visited. :)

mama b said...

oh p.s. i always thought the room size at HD is so backwards! you don't need THAT big of a room to labor and deliver in, but a much bigger room on the postpartum floor would be helpful. i got so claustrophobic with all those visitors in our room. but you're right, the LD rooms are beautiful and very calming. i love the dim lights. :)

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