35 Week Update

35 weeks means there are 5 weeks left. 5 WEEKS. FIVE WEEKS. FIIIIIIVE WEEKS.

I’d like to start this post with a funny (at least I think it’s funny) story: So I’m in the drive-thru at Taco Bell today (and yes, it felt soooo good to be soooo bad) talking to Josh on the phone about what the VW Estimator Man said about the damage to the back of the Passat (more on that later). It’s lunchtime, so there’s a line, and I get stuck next to the Bell’s windows for an extended period of time. I’m holding the phone with my left hand, which is the hand closest to the windows. I randomly peak towards to windows, and I see Weird Guy staring at me. And then Weird Guy proceeds to nod (you know, the upward nod that just screams, How you doin?”), WINK (who are you, Simon Cowell?!?!), and then smile at me. And I quickly averted my eyes. I wanted to get out of the car, tap on the window next to his face, and point-out the obvious that my seated position inside a car was hiding. Swollen fingers, so my wedding ring is around my neck. And big ol’ 35-week baby belly. But hey, thanks for making me feel like I’ve still got it, Weird Guy! On a slightly different, yet still related note – I guess I forgot I was pregnant because I ordered a Number 8 combo (3 hard tacos, since I know you’re curious). That’s all I ordered. If you’ve been pregnant or you’re currently pregnant, then you know what I’m getting at. That’s not even CLOSE to enough food. I easily could have packed-way three more. In hindsight, a Crunchwrap would have added nicely to the meal. And my ever-growing butt thanks me.

Anyway, what’s new this week?

I. Am. Uncomfortable. Please save me from this misery! I kid, it’s really not THAT bad. Although, last night I was whining like a little baby. But for reals, things are getting tight in MA BELLY, Baby is growing something fierce, and my feet hurt constantly. On average, I wake-up 3 times a night to pee (up from my old average of 2 times per night). Sleeping makes my body stiff and sore. This morning, I literally felt like I had run a 10-miler this weekend. I inquired with a work friend and was told this is normal, this is expected, and is what the last five weeks are going to feel like.

I have a doctor’s appointment. How is this different, you wonder quietly to yourself? For the most part, it’s not different. My twice a week schedule will transition to weekly after this appointment. I’ll pee, they’ll test. They’ll take my BP, which I’ll get nervous about and then worry that it’ll be high because I was nervous. He’ll ask how I’m feeling, if I have any questions. I’ll get to peep my little guy for a few minutes through an ultrasound. And here’s where it’s different. It’s the week of my Strep B test. The nurse told me last time to expect the test, and I asked the doctor some general questions about Strep B, the test, reasons for the test, etc. (because I’m a good little patient). There are three words that I really remember (it was EARLY in the morning, and I’m PREGNANT): Penicillin. Swab. Rectum. Okay, okay, SAY WHAT?!?! My tired, pregnant brain couldn’t process the heft of our conversation at the time, but you better believe the wheels were spinning later in the day. I’ve read a few things online, and swab + rectum seem to be a common thread. Feel badly for me. And hope that my assumptions are incorrect.

Oh, hey there, Contraction.  I still get a handful of Braxton Hicks Contractions every day.  I used to only notice them because my uterus tightened-up like a vice grip.  Now I can actually FEEL them.  As in, hi, you're kind of uncomfortable.  It's doesn't hurt, but it's not comfortable either.  They last anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds.  There have been a few times where I've had three in an hour, which put me on high alert.  Usually the high alert count is 4 in one hour.  Last night in our newborn class I had two within 20 minutes of each other, which was an eyebrow raiser.  But that third and fourth one never came, so we forgot all about it by the end of class.  Husband was so cute during our class break.  He said, "So you had one at 7:10 and 7:30 (I wrote the times down on the papers in front of us), but no more after that?  Okay, good."  Somebody was paying attention!!

No more kicks. I’ll get an occasional kick from my sweet inhabitant, but it’s mostly movement now. Space is limited, so he can’t wind-up like he used to. But the movements, OH THE MOVEMENTS! I think I’d prefer the kicks and punches. Sometimes it feels like he has his hands and feet on my spine and he’s pushing his back and butt out against my belly as hard as he possibly can. You picture that and smile, but it’s not pleasant. And lately he’s been trying to reach a foot or hand around my back. I’ve got news buddy, NOT possible. He’s still trying to stick his hands OUT of my lady bits, which is still closed for exit. And a few times a day he’ll do something that makes me go, “OOH! “ or “OUCH!” or “AAAAHH (sound of breath catching on my throat).” Husband had a stern talk with him last night about not beating-up Mommy, so he’s been a bit calmer today.

The nursery is complete! No more projects. No more painting. No more planning (what am I to do with my time?!?!). No more spending money, HOLLER!! I had a shower this weekend, so there’s stuff in the nursery too. It no longer looks like it’s staged for a magazine cover. It looks READY. And I peak in there every morning before work

Daddy is coming to visit! I just found-out that my dad is planning to visit after L Bean is born for a few days. A few DAYS! A day a meetings will be scheduled in there somewhere, but the other days will be spent hanging out with his grandson. SWOON. My day was made when I heard this news.

I’m tired. Doc wasn’t kidding when he said that Energized Pregnant Betsy would give-way to Exhausted Pregnant Betsy around this time in the pregnancy. Lots of naps have been had.

We're getting REALLY excited.  With each day that passes, the reality of what's going to happen (soon) sets-in a little deeper.  I had a baby shower this weekend that we'd been talking about for months.  Kerry and Caroline came for a visit, which we'd been talking about for months.  The nursery that we'd been working on for months is completed.  The rooms in our house are painted.  The kitchen is organized.  There are strollers in our dining room.  A carseat on the dining room table. The only thing left to do is to refinish the cradle (it's about 25% complete).  Oh, and have this baby.  I was talking to my Dad yesterday, and I said something along the lines of, "I can't believe this weekend has come and gone.  We talked about it for so long, and now it's over."  To which he said, "Yeah, now all you have to do is have this kid!"  Wow.  Just wow.  He's so right.  We've planned and prepped.  Now there's just one thing left to do - have a baby.  And let me tell you, we are SO ready to have this baby.  We took a newborn class last night (just a quick 2.5 hour class), and each couple was given a baby doll to use (for diapering, bathing, feeding, holding, etc.).  I kept peaking at Husband, and he would be holding the doll.  Just holding it (it was a her - we were a little bummed).  I couldn't help but smile.  He's going to be the best dad.  And I think together we're going to be great parents.  This past 35 weeks have been the fastest and best of our lives.  But I bet it won't even compare to the next few months.


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