Totally Inappropriate

Preface:  I started this draft on February 2nd.  Today is May 14th.  That's just depressing.  Also, as a caveat to the .2 males that read my blog - I'm about to talk about boobs (and not in a fun way) and periods.

If you know me well, then you know this about me: Often times I am thinking about something that's too inappropriate to share out loud.  Sometimes I want so desperately to share my random musings on Facebook or Twitter (Twitter gets them more often - not many of my 'people' follow me Twits), but I just can't bring myself to subject the general public.  But I can sure share them on my blog!  Don't judge me.  Here are a few of the totally inappropriate things that run circles inside my brain:

A runny nose is a lot like breastfeeding boobies.  One side always producing more than the other.

You know you're a breastfeeding mom when in lieu of tampons, you carry breast pads in your purse.

You know you're a breastfeeding mom when your boobs are never, EVER the same size.  And we're talking, one is totally encroaching on the others personal space spacee different.  Or as Husband said, Big and Bigger.

Much like last busy season, I am sitting here with my jeans unbuttoned (on a Saturday).  Except this time I'm not pregnant.

Since we're on the topic, let's talk breastfeeding:

I'm still nursing (BOOM!).  I love it.  I never thought I would love it as much as I do. When Liam weans, I'm convinced it'll be harder for me than it will be for him (yes, you read that right - I don't have any plans to force wean... but we'll revisit that at a later date).  During busy season, I would be at work for 12 to 14 hours, during which I would pump three times.  I would come home in time to nurse Liam before bed and then work from home. Two words: pumping sucks. Currently, I pump twice at work.

At the onset of busy season, my supply was still far above what Liam needed.  As the weeks passed, it slowly began to regulate and decrease.  It never dipped below Liam's consumption, but it hovered right at consumption.

I got my first "real" period in April.  I was really hoping for more than seven months without, thanks to the nursing.  Your period is that friend that you tolerate because you've known them since elementary school, but you have nothing but the oxygen you breath in common.  It had been since November 2009, and I was none too happy to see my old pal again.  I noticed a couples days before her arrival that my milk supply majorly wained.  Hello panic mode.  And thank you, Google.  I took to the interweb and researched my heart out.  Somewhat common. But the return of my period really put a cramp (ha!) on my milk supply (not to mention my mood, my back, and my uterus). 

But I swear, post-real period my supply never returned to it's former glory.  I'm still able to match consumption, but just barely.  This is Liam's current schedule:

Nurse in the a.m. before work/daycare (I usually pump a few ounces before nursing)
Two 8-ounce bottles at daycare (I pump twice at work)
Maybe nurse right after work - it depends on when he had his last bottle at daycare
Nurse before bed

Liam also has a yogurt for breakfast, 6.5 ounces of veg for lunch, and 4 ounces of meat/veg and 4 ounces of fruit for dinner. 

Lately, I feel like my milk supply has continued to decrease.  The decrease is very gradual, but it's there.  I can't help but feel like my body is failing me. I'm having a hard time keeping my calorie consumption high enough (forcing yourself to eat isn't as fun as you'd think), and I've also started running.  I'm sure neither of those help the situation.  I pep-talk my body by saying, "I just need four more months.  Just four!"  Thankfully, we have 1200+ ounces in a deep freeze; but I never wanted to be in a situation to need it.    

Any suggestions for jump-starting my supply? 

I do have to say - running now versus four months ago is MUCH less painful.  The girls don't fill-up nearly as fast, so I don't feel the need to duct tape those puppies down.

Oh, and Liam bit me for the first time last week.  And it HURT.  I might have screamed a little, which of course surprised/terrified Liam.  Maybe that will deter him from doing it again? 


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