Remember me?

I am officially the worst.blogger.ever.  Don't get too excited - I'm posting this and then disappearing into the wild world of taxation until April 19th (don't EVEN get me started on the three extra days of busy season). I desperately miss rambling to no one about nothing in particular, but my priorities are currently aligned like so: (1) make sure Liam is fed, (2) work, (3) Husband (marriage status: on hold. DEPRESSING), (4) work, (5) laundry, clean, make Liam's food, (6) work, (7) sleep... and after about five more works, (13) blog.  So sad. 

As a quick update, here's the latest with Liam:

(1) We started pureed foods!!!  He currently loves: apples, pears, bananas, blueberries, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  Weird that he only likes orange veggies, right? 

(2) Pureed foods = man poops for Liam.  I honestly miss the mustard days (breastfeeding mommies, you know just what I'm talking about!).  The first man poop signified leaving his baby stage behind.  I was NOT ready.

(3) Liam is rolling over!  He rolled-over for the first time about six weeks ago.  He'd roll over and then screech and scream because he couldn't go anywhere.  Now he has figured about how to inchworm his way forward, but he still screeches and screams along the way.

(4) Liam is sitting up unassisted!  For a little while, at least.  Eventually, he topples sideways.

(5) It's official: nothing is safe from his grasp anymore.  Going out to dinner has become increasingly difficult and utterly entertaining!

(6) Liam is a FLIRT, and he is still completely comfortable with strangers.  Good thing he doesn't like candy yet.

(7) He started sleeping on his side about a month ago.  And he loves to snuggle up to Mommy or Daddy, put his hand on one of our faces, and fall asleep.  I DIE.

(8) Liam slept in our bed with us for the first time this weekend.  He woke-up at 5:45 am on Sunday, ate, and then the three of us snuggled back into our bed.  Husband and I didn't get much sleep (SOMEONE is a wiggle worm), but Liam slept like a champ.  When he woke-up he was clearly excited to be in bed with us.  He was rolling back and worth like, "Oh, hey, Mom."  "Oh, hi, Dad!" "MOMMY!" "DADDY!"

(9) We are teething, but no teeth yet.  He's a drool monster.  Everything goes straight to his mouth (I am officially that mom with sani-wipes that wipes-down everything in sight). We can see the shape of his lower teeth through his gums, so I think we're close. 

(10) So far we've endured RSV and strep.  Next stop: a totally HEALTHY baby.  I am speaking it into existence (Hey, God, are you listening?!?).

(11) Every single day I fall more in love with that kid. 

See you in 42 days, friends!


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