Hand me that mirror, please.

Josh and I spent some time this weekend watching videos on babycenter.com. We watched a woman receive an epidural (you're going to do WHAT with that COFFEE STRAW?!?!), we watched what happens to a baby right after delivery (apparently, babies are covered in a white, cheesey substance http://www.babycenter.com/0_why-newborns-look-so-funny_178.bc), and we even watched a birth video (we are SO going to be the teachers pets in the birthing class).

We'd already had the "are you going to look" conversation. Josh's dad passed-out in the emergency room when he took Josh to get stitches as a kid... a queezy trait my husband inherited. So Josh's answer was an ardent "no." During the video, I watched my husband out of the corner of my eye silently freak out; but like a tropper, he sat through the whole thing. Pre-video, I was on the fence. I have to admit, even I thought, "WHOA!" when I saw the baby crown and the doctor do something with his finger that I will not repeat. I'm going to be too busy hee-hee-hooing to even think about watching what's going on, right? And do I really want to see my bits in such a state? For me, it'll have to be a game-time decision.


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