20-Week Ultrasound

We had our 20-week ultrasound last night at 7:30 pm.

Side note: When the nurse said the earliest time available on that Tuesday was 7:30 PM, the first thing I thought was, "That will keep us out past bed time (we're in bed by 9:00 pm most nights)!!" and I panicked a little. I really hope Liam inherits his parents' need and affinity for sleep. Otherwise, Josh and I are in trouble (thank goodness I married someone with the same sleep habits - i.e. a lot).

Back to the ultrasound... I have to admit, I get a little anxious before every appointment. No matter how much faith you have, it's hard not to let a little fear creep in. I was especially anxious because the ultrasound tech (who, btw, is AWESOME) was going to take a really close look at Liam (by close, I mean she measured his diaphragm, stomach, and cerebellum, just to name a few). After she did her measurements, she took a few minutes to point-out, label, and print some Liam highlights (pictures to come soon). Apparently, Liam is not shy about showing-off his little boy bits. I'm predicting that our kid will be THAT kid that refuses to keep his clothes on. The tech also showed us his face, which at this point looks A LOT like this:
Liam's face. We got a really good look at his feet (and yes, I tried counting the toes), his limbs, and his spine. The spine picture is probably the coolest of the lot. The tech said, "His skin is so thin that the sound bounces off his bones really easily, so we can see great detail." A comment that TOTALLY would have thrown me off, except for the fact that I was told a week and a half earlier that Liam didn't really have "skin" yet. I'll take really thin skin over no skin! She estimated his weight to be about 14 ounces. At the end of the appointment, we got the confirmation we were looking for: everything looks good with Liam.

I've noticed a reoccuring theme with our ultrasounds: Liam is really active. Each time the doctor or tech comments on how much he's moving around, to which I reply, "Tell me about it!" He kicks and punches all day long, usually targeting my bladder (our impending plane rides are going to be soooo much).


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